Where the culinary magic happens.

We pour years of industry experience into bringing the juiciest ideas, sharpest strategies and most industrious relationships to the table.


Where the culinary magic happens.

We pour years of industry experience into bringing the juiciest ideas, sharpest strategies and most industrious relationships to the table.


What We’re Great At

Marketing and communication strategy
Experiential programming
Sponsorship and strategic partnerships
Culinary tourism
Customer experience
Chef wrangling
Media relations
Project management

Custom strategy, on the fly.

The culinary landscape is crowded and seems to shift on a daily basis. It can be a challenge knowing where to position yourself within it and how. How do you unlock your brand's full potential? How do you find those unseen opportunities laying just over the culinary horizon--and what do you do with them?

We take a hands-on consultative approach towards your business, designing customized strategies according to your specific needs, challenges and opportunities--and then we bring those strategies to fruition.


Let's jam.

This is a new era of marketing and promotions.
Publicists are practicing strategy and bloggers are building websites.
Agencies are diversifying like crazy.
The opportunity for earnest, worthwhile consultancies has grown.

We're nimble, economical and, many times, more effective due to our do-or-die nature. But we needn't be seen as competition. In our world collaborations are key and often make for the most interesting projects. PR firms, digital agencies, internal marketing--we can add ammunition to your efforts or create the concepts and framework which inform them.

We have a sincere appreciation for the power and potential of relationships and understand the importance of continually cultivating new ones. Reach out, even if you're not sure what for. We'll figure it out together.


Exciting events, noteworthy finds, and the latest from CarrieKommers.com

March 3-5, 2017

IACP National Conference

Louisville, KY

The International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) is a worldwide forum for the development and exchange of information, knowledge, and inspiration within the professional food and beverage community.




"I hired Carrie Kommers as a culinary marketing consultant to assist 3DS Culinary, a nascent culinary 3D printing arm of a large 3D printing company, in gaining credibility within the food world and launching the Culinary Lab facility, a culinary innovation space that would lay the groundwork for the technology in the industry.

Carrie quickly gained total command of the unorthodox subject matter, and worked with us to generate a set of high-level aims and a roadmap to reach them, drawing upon her deep industry expertise to populate it with relevant partners..."

Imagine how cool Pop Tarts would be if the brand manager was the sort of person who ate them for dinner?

— Seth Godin



I talk a lot about the food industry–what chefs are doing, culinary events, trends, brands. But the topic I find myself most interested in talking about these days is “mentorship”. Spell check doesn’t like that word, which is an interesting indicator of how far the concept has to go to become a legitimate part of US professional and educational ethos.

You can never fake authenticity, and I think the more authentic we can get — the stories, the recipes, the trajectory, and how you got to where you are, how this recipe got to where it is — the more of that, the better. Nothing replaces authenticity.

— Christina Tosi

The Food People's 2016-2017 Mega Food Trends Map


A very cool infographic on culinary trends, influencer cuisines, and key "flavour markers" for the coming year.

Who We Are

Table One = Carrie Kommers

Back in the day when you taped your favorite shows on your VCR, Carrie Kommers would rush home from school and devour hours of Discovery Channel's "Great Chefs". She didn't yearn to be a chef, but she went to culinary school anyway because she knew that one day she'd have to know what she was talking about.

Her career path was circuitous, beautiful and delicious and often found her entering an endeavor at its trembling inception. Pastry cook, innkeeper, caterer, cooking school operator, hotel publicist, restaurant marketer, brand manager, culinary programming innovator. What this path informed was a fierce love for the creative, entrepreneurial side of the food world. Over the years, Carrie demonstrated her unique ability to balance (and rock) creativity and execution.

She's not just the idea person. She actually brings the ideas to life. She's a starter, a strategist, a back-of-the-napkin thinker. She's also a passionate foodie (before the term went south), has the utmost respect for the people who make culinary experiences happen, and adores being in direct, tangible contact with this messy, chaotic industry. It is this affinity for what she does that gives her the most satisfaction, and it's the reason that Table One Marketing exists.

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